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Pigsaw is a bloody fever dream of first person shooter, survival horror, and stealth. You are trapped in a nightmarish human abattoir, use whatever is at your disposal and do whatever is neccassary to stay alive and escape. The Butchers are relentless, expect no mercy and give none in return.


  • Survive the relentless pursuit of the Butchers. They are alert and aggressive predators, move quietly, hide often, and if spotted, run fast
  • Scavenge supplies scattered throughout the abattoir, and If you can stomach it, resort to cannibilism in a can.
  • Beat your enemies to a pulp with a lead pipe and when ammo permits blow their brains out with the visceral double barrel shotgun.
  • Manage your grid based inventory, and prioritise what you should carry.
  • Explore the labyrinthine abattoir, plunging deep into its guts and churning underbelly.
  • PSX and VHS Graphics Modes. Play the game crunchy and be weary of every pixel or play clean and slice yourself on the razor sharp polygons.
  • 40-60 minutes of gameplay to be consumed in a single meal.


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Pigsaw 1.3.0.zip 95 MB

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Really enjoyed this.

I want to buy this, but unfortunately I don't have the right currency (I have USD rather than AUD), and I don't have a PayPal.

Hi there! 
I adjusted my account settings to be more integrated with Itch.io payment methods. Let me know if this fixes the problem for you.

It works now. Thank you so much!

Good luck human!

This game is absolutely amazing!! It was a lot of fun to play, congratulations for the work you did with the game, I really liked it and it's really really good, I hope you keep producing games keep it up

Gameplay PT-BR


great game man i really like the theme approached in this short game.

I even made a video narrating the experience of the game.

but i think you will not understand shit because i'ts in my language.


Thanks for playing! I was able to pick up a little of what you were talking about thanks to the visuals, but yeah sadly I cant catch the full meaning.


you're the best keep up the good work and maybe i will add some subtitles latter.


Please make a demo version

I was very inspired by this game. thanks to the developer

Hello Christopher, excellent looking game you have here, it's been on my mind to play since i saw it last year. Only problem is i don't use Windows. Any chance of a Linux port, or maybe bringing it to the Xbox One or Switch? It has a similar vibe to Dusk, also on the Switch.

One of my all time favorite PSX style horror games!  Kind of difficult at first, but gotta power thru.


How did you get the game to look all psx?


Low res textures and models mostly. 

The PSX filter in the options is actually the PSX filter asset from the Unity store. I only use it to apply a lower render resolution and some subtle grading.

Well I love the game a lot. I saw Game Grumps play it on YouTube and was instantly amazed. Good work sir. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


I watched it myself. Thank you!


Same, got here from Game Grumps, immediately fell in love with the atmosphere and style

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This game is fantastic! It's got a great atmosphere, the gameplay compliments the scary setting, just the right amount of detail, requires skill, has challenges, it's got some replay value, and with 5$, it's a bargain! I really love it! It's genuinely an awesome experience. It feels really rounded, just polished enough for the unsettling atmosphere. And the length was perfect (not sure if I agree with others that suggest to make it longer). It was really satisfying exactly how it is.

I'm going to recommend this game to some people, and also buy it as a present for some friends for Halloween! Looking forward to more projects from you!

Thanks for playing and the kind words!


Fantastic game! I've had so much fun playing it. 

Thanks for playing!


I am commenting again only to echo others urging you to flesh this out into a full game. You struck gold here, this really resonates with players. Better graphics, expanded gameplay mechanics and a longer campaign will get you $10 per copy on Steam, and even in its current form it's ideal streamer bait.


I am honestly surprised how undying this game is, it was suppossed to be a silly 6 week jam game, yet it seems to resonate so well with people. I have been tinkering with a design doc for something more fleshed out and do dream of getting to it at some point. The truth is im also working full time as a developer these days, so not a lot of time for side projects sadly. 

Thank you for the comment, I really appreciate the love this game has garnered. 

Understandable. You have a lot on your plate, and getting bills paid comes first. But I'd wager you have bigger dreams, of going into business for yourself as a game developer. Consider the critical reception to this demo to be an invitation to do just that, if you can stomach the risk. There is no reward without risk, as ever.

I would like to offer my services, as a publisher horror author who has written a similar story about a world overtaken with self-replicating automated slaughter houses operated by a privileged class, raising human cattle who have been intentionally brain damaged with lead contaminated water. It explores the ethics of meat consumption, the cognitive tricks we use to rationalize it, and comments on the moral and environmental cost of our appetites.

The games which endure in the public imagination for decades after release all tend to have compelling themes which provoke feeling (Undertale being one well known example). The inherent horror of meat, which we at the same time are helplessly in love with, is a rich source of conflicting feelings. Guilt, pleasure, fear. This is fertile ground from which to grow an emotionally resonant story. Though I confess, I fear you will have no need of my services as a story of this kind is not best told through exposition dumps but through the wordless actions and experiences of the player. (perhaps in optional monitor logs, once the player has learned to read?)

I believe we spoke about this game's future prospects in the past, and you voiced the desire to allow the player to pick up and use the pig butcher's saw, as a very limited fuel disposable item. This is a good idea in my estimation, and can be prevented from unbalancing the game if they don't all have saws, some have butcher knives, which are melee weapons no more effective than the pipe. Also if the saw takes up a large portion of the inventory, so that you cannot carry spares. 

I would also like to repeat my suggestion that the game explore the entire logistical process of meat production, starting the player off not in the slaughter house but as an infant being raised in a pasture, enjoying the verdant fields, oblivious to what the future holds.

The game as-is can comprise the middle act, with the final act taking place post-escape as you and the other humans reach "civilization", infiltrating a fast food restaurant or deli, discovering what ultimately becomes of humans in this world. That we are only a popular edible product, in the final analysis. This would afford the opportunity for some cathartic retribution, as you sabotage and burn down these meat purveyors, even if such a small act of defiance does not stop the larger meat industry. 

I consider this to be such a self-evident direction to take the game in that it basically writes itself, following the "meat" from cradle to grave. But then, that's my vision, it may not be yours. I trust that the author of a game I enjoyed so greatly already will have more surprises in store for me, and that I'll enjoy whatever you came up with just as much as I enjoy the game in its present form. 

Love everything about this game. The Filters were probably one of my favorite touches. Thank you for the magical death filled experience 

Fun game, a lot of pigs died, a lot of humans died. I don鈥檛 think I played the game as I was meant to, only I lived. Was a challenge with those giant saw traps but made up for it with the shotgun.
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This was the greatest horror game I played since more than an year! A true survival horror with truly disturbing (in a good way) atmosphere.
Thank you for making this game!

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoyed your time with it and thanks for playing! 

are you going to make this game available for android mobile?


Any chance of this bad boy ever coming to Steam?

No vuelvo a comer taquitos de carnitas 馃檪

I will never eat pork tacos again. 馃檪

Brilliant game! I wish it was longer :c

It was really good, but I tried to play the game again and I wasn't able to. Has this happened before? 

Ty so much for making this awesome game!


its worth 2 dollars, paypal isnt hard to do, theres no excuse :^) chat


i dont use paypal so i cant play this game :/


please make it free please


Get some money and your life together


i already paid for it  my brother is begging for it and i have lots of money so shut the fuck up


Well then you should not be too hurt about giving away some of your money. Which you have a lot of. Because man, you have a lot of money. You know, much money -> Many purchases. If you want to get me with weak-ass excuses then please be a bit better next time, thanks a lot :)

Finally got to play this!  It was difficult until I got used to it.  Loved the massive size of the building and horrific concept.




Get some money and your life together


i really want to steal this


Get some money and your life together


stop telling evrey one this


Get some money and your life together


weird flex but i played the game before it cost money


Interesting game! Is it possible that "Pigsaw" has a censored feature? If not, that's okay!


It does not im afraid.



Hello, would it be possible to get access to a source code, once I purchase your game? I'm very curious about some mechanics and really love the retro art style. If not, would you be so kind and let me contact you on discord to discuss some stuff. :) Thank you 


Hire a freelancer on Fiverr, paying 8 dollars will not be close enough to deserve the code of this. Start within the four digits spectrum.


Once I will need such a great advice, I will contact you directly Ok? :) 

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Nah, you get it for free right here and now since you could not afford it otherwise ;)


This game has so much potential. I fully believe you could make a full-length game out of this, with enough creativity and polish. The sound design alone is already very good, if a little loud. The textures are a bit too simple for retro graphics, and the setting could be fleshed out more, but holy cow, there's so much you could do with what you already have. I really hope you revisit this game.


i luvit


Good golly, this reminds me so heavily of Puppet Combo! Insane quality, man!! I'd kill to see a good slasher horror collaboration spring up between you two! ;D


I finally got an upgraded computer so I can actually edit! Here is no commentary, game was tough and good 

The trailer is so cool.


i want to get it but i cant it costs too much money. 

i wish it was free


Devs work hard on their games Lol... if it's at a set price it means their trying to establish a business and not just put out free games 


Maybe they should release like a free demo or something.


Get some money and your life together

Awesome game, loved it! 

If you're interested, I did a thing:

Again, great game!
I鈥檇 like to ask
if you can email me the game so I can show it to my audience.
Thanks bro.
Deleted 3 years ago

Loved it! Here is my video on the matter!

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