Patch 1.2.0 Now Live!

Thank you to everyone that has picked up and played Pigsaw! This is the biggest patch yet and aims to clean up a lot of the rough edges that had players getting frustrated or found the game difficult for the wrong reasons. Most notably the slippery movement in combination with the platforming was breaking players souls so I tightened all that up. The combat has also been rebalanced to place a larger emphasis on the shotgun and pipe as opposed to the barrel nuke meta. Enjoy!



  • Checkpoints!


  • Tighter movement overall (less slipperiness)
  • Some level geometry altered or cleaned up (mostly the tower level)
  • Chosen one art reworked to convey its meaning more clearly
  • The ending is now dynamic based on how many humans you rescue
  • Default brightness turned up
  • VHS filter is now 200% cooler
  • Gremlins secret is now the picture of him that went viral
  • The guide wording slightly reworked


  • Increased the distance you can fall before taking damage
  • Increased base melee damage
  • Increased base shotgun damage
  • Increased base thow damage
  • Shotgun and thrown items no longer benefit from sneak damage (no more barrel one shots)


  • Fixed bug where you could self harm with barrels
  • Fixed bug where melee attacks would pull you forward
  • Fixed various barrels stuck in level geometry
  • Fixed bug where health was not carrying over between levels


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Sep 11, 2020

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I had to give up on the last level (not sure if I'll return to this game to finish it), but I found this to be a good concept for a horror game overall and I had quite a bit of fun with it, especially with how you have very limited supplies as this brought an extra layer of difficulty to it. Some of the controls could use a lot of work though. The platforming bit in the middle, for instance, annoyed me quite a lot. If this gets another update though, I'll probably play it. Regardless, best of luck to you with this game and thanks very much for offering it for free!