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I had some much fun with this game!! I was literally SWEATING the whole time! Great JOB ACHEBIT!!!

Incredible game! Intense gameplay, great atmosphere and satisfying mechanics. Would definitely recomend it if you're a survival horror fan!

Loved this game, the end was a bit difficult but in a good way!!


Quake meets Manhunt (i love the Pigsty - like Butchers), the eerie and menacing atmosphere is dope, goes super nicely with NIN and Dillinger Escape Plan playing as background music - dont get me wrong, the original sound design is AS IT SHOULD BE.


ur game is really good, it spooked me many times. But ur traps scks, sometimes instead of a horror game this becomes a rage game

Of all the grainy graphics horror games I've played on, this is the one I most loved! I really would buy an expanded, fully fledged game of this. I love the mechanics, and the atmosphere and design was great. I also love that you could let us save the humans and it reflected the ending (I managed to get everyone out safely after much trying).

Really cool!

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Fantastic game, man!  I love the idea and the execution.  The atmosphere of this game was really great, from the dark and grimy textures to the creepy human figures limping this is a really good one!  Also, could you by any chance release the music at the end of the game on your YouTube channel or something?  I saw you reply to someone else saying it was originally composed, I like it

This Game Was Difficult But I Completed it! I'm now in the PIGSAW BOOK OF COMPLETIONS! JIGSAW would be so proud! AND Yes Please add more Levels, Guns, Melee Weapons etc. Your Truly -GermanDeabloGames P.S. CATS teehee : ) 

lol i enjoyed my play through  it

Loved the game! It was an amazing horror experience.
I'm going to give it 3/5 because of how difficult it was to beat the game. It took me way longer than I expected and some levels were extremely hard and I thought about giving up on it. Also there's no point of picking up multiple pipes. It only made it harder because they made a noise when I drop them.

Darn, i don't think i find any of the easter eggs. Great game still and i freed all the meatbags and gave all the pigsaws a real iron headache.

So will there be more?

please can someone tell me what the name of the font PIGSAW

Found your easter egg. Well made game!

There is 2 easter eggs =P

Yep, and one of them is about throwing some barrels into the hoops and watching an awesome reference to one of your previous projects:)


Can you please upload the song at the end of the game? It was really good. please


I second the end song request.

this game is amazing, congratulations

so so good. I would buy a full game, because I definitely wish this were longer. Great stuff.

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good creepy psx

One of my favourite games of the month, the game has a great atmophere, keep up the good work!


great sound design and controls are smooth, creepy atmosphere and good lighting, other indies should take a few cues, very well done.


creppy game good game, what name music is in the endgame?


It's an original composition for the game =)


omg i need this music

Level design reminds me a lot HL2 Beta Citadel. You were inspired by these levels, aren't you?


I was more inspired by the architecture of Blame! 

Half life inspired the barrel throwing.

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The controls were a little bit wacky with that slidy-all-over thing and the Butchers' reach was quite inconsistent sometimes, but overall I really liked the atesthetics and the game's gory topic!

Also, are the Butchers supposed to be male humans who were genetically altered and mechanically-modified? I mean, they still have their lounging rooms with the spam machines and the restrooms...

I found if you walk them back a bit they settle down then you back peddle just slightly knock em over the head twice. Killing Floor has taught me a lot on how to kite pigsaw and exploit their openings.


I just finished the game. I was expecting more in the ending, but it was good. Is there going to be part 2? 


I cut a lot to make the 6 week deadline for the jam. The world is much bigger than this so I might revisit it at a later date!

This was a game jam? Did you win? I look forward to it! I'm so sure you can make this game even longer and sell it on steam. I do buy it. More weapons, more enemies, more levels. 


The jam was not ranked, the real winners were the friends we made along the way!

I have been working on a FPS engine for a while now and Pigsaw was a test of where its up to. So expect things of a similar nature in the future as I expand and build upon the mechanics I have so far.

I did glitch once through the map with the help of some barrels but i can oversee that one.
Movement and Atmospheric wise the game felt good.

I want to stress i did have a good time with this game.

Oh sorry about that! Hopefully you noticed there is a button to restart the level? Assuming you didnt die in the void.

Hey! As you know after commenting on my video, I played you game for a 3 random horror games video!

You’ve cleared everything up that I addressed in the video, and have even added an awesome update since I played it!
It’s challenging, it’s scary, it’s got a unique setting and it plays great!

Honestly, an absolutely awesome game. I love the fact you have level skip buttons (when I played) to help people who might get stuck in one part!
You seem like an awesome developer, keep it up!

Here’s my gameplay for those interested (time stamps in the description):

Thanks again for playing!

I try to leave it up to others how they enjoy my games hence why you can stealth through, kill everything, or just skip entire levels. I loved this about older games and try to include it in my own stuff.

I really liked this game, length was perfect for the concept. I do want to tell you though, you can actually get a jump that is about double the intended jump by spamming the button near something that is slightly higher than the platform you're standing on. Might wanna put a timer on how fast you're intended to be able to jump instead of just checking if the player is on the floor :) it's definitely not a big deal though,  it's great.

Totally intended, player character has shoes with springs on them xD

In all seriousness thanks for playing and reporting.

Hey man, this is just awesome! Can you share some information about game engine, programming language behind your games? 

Just regular old unity C#


this should be free cause its a short game


its free right now

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I just played this game, and I have to say this is a master piece man! It's beautiful. Are you a vegetarian? I am not but I have seen the slaughter factories of pigs and it's more horrible than this. 

Could you please include the payment via keycard option?

I can't because of tax purposes im afraid. But I can make it free all weekend!

That would be AWESOME if you could manage it, cause I have no way of paying via paypal!

I like what I see so far. I was afraid for a long time to ask, but isn't it possible to optimize the game in some other ways? I understand of course that part of the problem is with my bad computer. I just wish I could improve my experience.


Bought it just because of the name


If you are not sure what to call your game, just start listing the stuff thats in it.


My expansive gameplay, critique, feedback and everything thoroughly given in my wlakthrough, hope its useful and enjoyable 


Thanks for this playthrough and all the great feedback!
I left a longer comment on YouTube adressing some of your questions that popped up during the playthrough.

Dude did you kill the survivors? hahahaha you are the real monster of the game

This game deserves to be in the top 1 of ...

You are far too kind. Im glad you enjoyed the game!

Amazing job I'm immediately transported to being 10 years old at a mates place who had a psx ❤

Very very good but 2 scary 4 me.

Bought it for my bro to play so I can sit behind and watch with the blinds open and pat my normal cats.

Love you Jack xo

Chloe couldn't play it either, too stressful, and I think thats fair.

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First, very impressive. Needs proper 21:9 and gamepad support, but I would pay full price for this if it were expanded into a full length game. Puzzles, traps you can lure the butchers into before you have a weapon,  More ways to raise hell than just opening cages, etc.

Better butcher AI too: They should not stand there waiting to be killed if you're in an inaccessible spot and they just saw you shoot their buddy to death. If they retreated around the nearest corner and lay in wait for you, for example (but you could lure them out with noise). Hitting them with barrels should stun them briefly imo

I got Little Nightmare vibes from this, which is a fine game to be compared to. Oh, and the ability to pick up and use the power saws from fallen butchers! Balanced by limited gas, and the fact that they constantly make noise. 

Anyway thanks for blessing us with this awesome game! I hope you feel encouraged to do more with it. 

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Thank you for playing and also the feedback!

Saws and traps you could lure the Butchers into was something I unfortunatley had to cut because of time. I agree! It would be fun to mess with them and kill them in creative ways. 

Pigsaw get it it's dope

You are such a good egg James. Thanks for all the support.

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"Pigsaw" is one of the best titles in the jam, and the presentation was stellar. Love the premise, will probably play again! Thanks for the cool game


Thank you so much for the kind words Seth!

Seems fun but it lacks checkpoints, even if it's a short game I really don't like having to redo the same thing over and over just to pass an obstacle (those saw blades >:( ).

I agree with you, I wanted to get some checkpoints in but ran out of time for the jam deadline. Possible addition in a future update. 

I'm having install difficulties with the Itch Client. No version is selectable to install.

This should be fixed now!
Thanks for reporting.

Yep fixed! Thanks!

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