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weird flex but i played the game before it cost money


Interesting game! Is it possible that "Pigsaw" has a censored feature? If not, that's okay!


It does not im afraid.


Hello, would it be possible to get access to a source code, once I purchase your game? I'm very curious about some mechanics and really love the retro art style. If not, would you be so kind and let me contact you on discord to discuss some stuff. :) Thank you 


This game has so much potential. I fully believe you could make a full-length game out of this, with enough creativity and polish. The sound design alone is already very good, if a little loud. The textures are a bit too simple for retro graphics, and the setting could be fleshed out more, but holy cow, there's so much you could do with what you already have. I really hope you revisit this game.


i luvit


Good golly, this reminds me so heavily of Puppet Combo! Insane quality, man!! I'd kill to see a good slasher horror collaboration spring up between you two! ;D


I finally got an upgraded computer so I can actually edit! Here is no commentary, game was tough and good 

The trailer is so cool.


i want to get it but i cant it costs too much money. 

i wish it was free


Devs work hard on their games Lol... if it's at a set price it means their trying to establish a business and not just put out free games 


Maybe they should release like a free demo or something.

Awesome game, loved it! 

If you're interested, I did a thing:

Again, great game!
I’d like to ask
if you can email me the game so I can show it to my audience.
Thanks bro.
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Loved it! Here is my video on the matter!


Ayy, they have a speedrun page now!



Podrían sacar la versión para Android por favor?


Could you release the Android version please?

Thanks you

Tried out the game, pretty good.


had a blast playing the game!

respect ~ I have the same nightmare when I was  just a little child 

So with my second gameplay of this game I want to say I really do enjoy this game!! The more I get into the game the more I learn and I am really enjoying this series great game!!

Definitely a great experience! Plus there's Pigs with saws? What more could you ask for!


wow it's a cool game

Haven't been that scared in a while!


why SOMEONE make this awesome game FOR BUY?!


really enjoyed this game! Very gruesome! Lol please check out my play through :) x 

Loved your game, awesome.

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love dat 
but still cant buy hahha

very impressive retro feel, loved the easter eggs!

1st game I played. Didn't see the end but very gory for what looks like PS1 graphics

Very very very hard for me, but very fun too. An amazing game. 

This is my gameplay in portuguese.



I tried to download it but the download link is broken 

Is That happen to Anyone Else

to many instakill fans

hey can anyone let me know where the two secrets are thanks

i got the 2 secrets, im not sure what one of them was, but im pretty sure one was in the foggy area before walking down the big circular fan vent you turn around head up and find a gremlin who gives you food, the other might have been the hoops by the elevator that you can throw barrels into which if you get all three it plays a song?

Here they are 

This game is so hard! It's supposed to be 20-40 minutes long but I spent probably an hour on it and was only halfway through it because I died so many times. It's very hard to fight the pigs. I have a tendency to button mash, so after dying at one point, I accidentally pressed the wrong key (Q?) and it restarted the whole game. This was very unfortunate given that there is no save function. I think it's important for all games to have a save function, regardless of their length, but that's just my opinion. My fault for button mashing though. But it's a great game and I recommend it! I would definitely play it again in the future (and hopefully finish it). 


Sorry about that! I think it needs a save system too, but it was sadly outside the scope of a 6 week jam game.

If it helps there are key commands to skip levels. F2 to skip to next, but you will still need to pick up items.


RIP, that makes sense. Still a great game, though! Yeah, if you skip ahead then you'll probably have less items, so might as well replay it. I probably will soon. I'm not sure how the F2 thing works, though, since F2 is the decreasing volume button on the keyboard. Do you press Ctrl+F2 or something? 

I loved it!! I really enjoyed it! 

I got stuck on the level where you crawl through the vents after picking up the first aid syringe and a lead pipe, i kept failing to pass the two giant saws, got any suggestions, or anything you can do to help me out?

You should move about 1/3 through the saw pit and then switch lanes. This will allow you to get to other side. The video on this page shows me doing it if you are still unsure. 

You can also level skip back up to where you were with the F2 key btw.  

Damn, this game's pretty sweet, dude! Fun gameplay, twisted story, and that ending's even kinda heart warming haha. Great job!

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