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In 1884 Thomas Whittaker departed to the remote town of Ravenshollow upon receiving a peculiar letter from his estranged partner. He discovers a sinister event has taken place there, and quickly finds himself hunted by the deranged locals. He must evade the townsfolk and unlock the secrets of an ancient language if he is to have any hope of finding his beloved.


Explore Ravenshollow and the surrounding woods in search of your beloved in this openworld survival horror FPS. Stealth past or engage in combat with the maniacal local inhabitants using your axe and trapdoor rifle. Employ your leather bound grimoire to note down your discoveries of an ancient language and utilise them to unlock new areas. Piece together the tragic events that transpired in Ravenshollow and find your partner.


  • Engage in weighty melee combat
  • Reload your Model 1873 "Trapdoor" rifle simulating every step of its real life counterpart
  • Learn an ancient language and note the findings in your grimoire
  • Use stealth and limited resources to survive
  • Uncover the sinister events that transpired in Ravenshollow
  • Dynamic weather simulating fog and rain to immerse you in this dreary rural setting

The Fruit is available as part of the Dread X Collection: The Hunt on Steam.


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I love this game with all my heart, and the endings are superb. I do support one above another ofc eldritch gay  rights!   and I’m telling everyone I know about this one 

Thanks for the support and kind words!

This was a pretty solid horror game! The reloading mechanic is both stressful and rewarding. Horror FPS fans should check this out!

Thanks for playing! 


I would love to see a game with these mechanics and settings expanded to a longer game.

I don't like to pick favorites butttt that reload animation is basically 11/10

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