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The engine jank and mouse issues took some getting used to, but I eventually got through it and finished the game. I really enjoyed it and thought the art was very inspired. I would pay real money for a more fleshed out Templar on a different engine.


For a RGM game the control is pretty tight.
Do you mind sharing your game settings for controls?

walkforward speed

walkbackward speed

moveleft, moveright speed

turn left, turn right speed

look up, look down speed

mouse sensitivity

I (and other people) would be grateful.


The game is on an old hard drive so it's a little hard to check, but from memory a lot of the stuff is just at max. I probably would have made stuff like turn speed even faster if I could as its all quite sluggish.

Thank you so much, this info already helps a lot.


the RGM is jank as all hell like usual but the art direction and music makes it all worth it. Loved it

Nice game, it was fun to play!

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This is AWESOME. Despite the issue with the mouse, I was totally into playing this game from the beginning. Really liked the music/audio and visuals.

I hope you will work on this game further, or iterate on it to create something new but similar. You got something really cool here.

Edit: I noticed that the slower I move my mouse, the better it rotates. Something funky going on with DPI/Sensitivity.


Thanks heaps for playing! I did love working with the vibe of this world so I might do something more with it. The game was made for E1M1 jam and we had to use RGM engine (which is jank as hell)  so that is why it has some odd mouse behaviour and other things that are impossible to fix. 

Ah that explains. Did you make the music aswell?


Yeah! Inspired by dungeon synth and Aubrey Hodges. 

Really good stuff, I'm big fan of dungeon synth music so it was really nice to listen to.

B A S E D 

Hi Christopher.
So I'm working on my notes to start writing and producing a tutorial for all the ins and outs of how to use the "Raycasting Game Maker," and I wanted to formally ask if I could use your game as a visual example? 

I'm working on both a written tutorial and a video version.

You are more than welcome. Thanks for checking first. 

Thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate it.
And yeah, absolutely.

Feel free to get in touch with me - I can get you in touch with a lot of people from the original RGM scene, and bring you up to speed on a lot of the best releases the engine has to offer.

That would be fantastic. I would love to find more examples. 

Was 2021 the first year of the E1M1 game jam, or were there previous years? 

Is there a social media site or Discord server I can reach you at?

E1M1Zach (CyberDamon)#9296 (discord)

This has been the first year and jam we've done.

So I managed to beat "Templar" now, and wow, I actually wasn't sure it was going to delve further into Hell like that. But I loved the evolving aesthetic.

Something else that really stood out to me that I wanted to ask about, how did you get the player character to say, "Darkness taints this Holy ground," just after you walk through the first door?

Cause nothing appears to trigger the sound. And I didn't think you could add sounds to just any ole' space within the level map.

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Congrats on getting to the end!

It's a little hack. I used an invisible treasure to trigger the vocal line =)
Sadly RGM uses 1 sound for all treasures or I would have done more.

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Ha! Okay, that's a good hack.

Thanks for all the information.

So I'm exploring games made in RGM to learn more about what I can do for my first game in the engine. And Templar is probably the most impressive I've played in terms of overall experience. In fact, I just added it to my FAV Itch title collection. The movement is much smoother here, which I prefer to some of the other RGM games I've tried. The style and atmosphere is also excellent. And I love the opening music with that booming "TEMPLAR" voice over.

I wanted to ask, what did you do to have the enemies drop ammo? That's one of the engine's quirks I haven't figured out yet.

Thanks for playing!

Ranged enemies will automatically drop ammo at random. It’s a janky old beast RGM good luck! 

Ohhhh. Okay, so that's why I haven't seen it much then, because only ranged enemies will drop it. That makes sense.

Thanks for the input. I'm attempting to write my own guide to the RGM engine as I learn more about it and make my own game. So I'm asking around for tips on the engine's quirks from those who've successfully used it. Cause honestly, it may be jank, but I'm really loving all the things you actually can do with it. 

There is certainly some unexplained hacks can pick up along the way. If you havn't already you should check out Something in the Water, Sean did lots of cool little things in his game.

I actually stopped over at his first, because the wall textures were especially impressive. I asked about the shader 'cause I couldn't find the lone toggle button for it. XD


This turned out so so stylish


This was so much fun! Got stuck a couple times on the walls so that slowed me down, but other than that it was fantastic!! 

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Thanks for playing!


We need a full game of this in a better engine


Definitely one of my favorites from the jam!

would love to see a continuation someday!

It would have to be moved out of this infernal engine though. Bad movement and gunplay hurts my soul. 

For sure! that's what I mean.

RGM really is just a painful engine to use, I'd know as well when I worked on my own entry lmao.


nice visuals

I really like the concept, but for the love of god please fix this buggy mess. This is the sort of thing I would pay actual money for if you just fixed the damn thing.

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I appreciate the feedback, but please understand it was a requirement for the jam to use this buggy engine. I have literally no control over those aspects of the game.

If you want something a little more polished please play my other titles "The Fruit", or "Pigsaw".


OMG this game was soooo goood!! Nice old school FPS! The last stage reminded me of Diablo 1.. Great work, simply amazing !!


Thanks for playing! Diablo 1 was the first game I ever truly loved, so it influences all my work in some way!




Look. I love the concept of Templar. I only wish the mouse look was better. And I found out why the mouse look was the way it was after reading again. So ignore the “I don’t recommend this game.” At the end. Highly recommended.

I absolutely had a blast playing this game! I've always found retro-style shooters to be super fun and nostalgic. They really are great games just to pick up and forget about everything and have a crap ton of fun blasting your way through everything. My one issue, however, is that it was so short. I honestly feel so blue balled from it because I was having a blast, and I ended up killing the final boss without even knowing that was the final boss. Man, I mean it; this game has a lot of potential in it, and I just wish I could've played more of it.  However, maybe short and sweet is the right way to go, and it's just me wanting to play more. Besides this, it is a little wonky sometimes with the mouse aim. It just feels a little choppy sometimes when you use the mouse to aim, but it's honestly not game-breaking. Overall amazing fun game to play through, and I cant wait to see what else you put out!

Hello! Thanks so much for playing, your playthrough was hilarious. Honestly all the problems you encountered are limitations of the janky engine we were required to use for the jam.

The jam also required us to only build 5 levels, which is why it’s short. Once the jam is over I could extend it but the engine only supports 5 monsters so it would just be stretching the same content over a longer duration. Realistically to make the game bigger it would need to be moved out of RGM and into Unity. 

Thanks for the play through! Good luck building your channel, you will gather subs in no time, you’re too funny. 

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I like this game, but I have one trouble with it and it's mouse look. First, mouse look didn't work at all, but I've done what you said in troubleshoot part of the description of your game and it worked. But I have still one more problem. Mouse look feels junky. Character is turning like it's lagging and even sometimes, game doesn't respond to a move of my mouse. Once again, this game is good, but that problem with mouse look makes it hard for me to play this game.

Sadly I can not fix this. The RGM engine is one janky piece of software. I hope you enjoyed your time with the game anyhow. 

Yeah. It is fun. I like weapons the most, because they are looking good and sound punchy. 

Btw this engine is really junky if it allows making melee enemies only in a way, that they are not indicating their attack and also that attack looks more like shooting from machine gun in very close range. And even  ranged enemies works weird. I was interested in playing with this engine, but if it's that junky, I will pass.

Also on the side note. Everybody are calling games, created in RGM "Doom-like", but Doom allows you to not only move forward, down, left, right, but also up and down. So RGM is more like "wolfenstein 3D-like" game engine.

Good game. A little short, but good.


Whoa.. this is pretty damn good, dude! It was more fun than I expected. I loved seeing the heads pop off of those skeleton dudes when they die, haha. Thanks for the fun!

The game's a nice fun game that pays homage to the original Doom. Though the strafing speed could be tweaked a bit, I feel like new enemies could be introduced on the same floor as the new weapon. Otherwise, great game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played.

Congratulations... your game was also published on the channel...

I'll steal you 2 minutes to check it out and if you like to sign up!

Until next time

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Fun little game, I love how 90s it feels with the photobashed textures and the uber chad voiceover. You might wanna think about the difficulty though, the projectile enemies just pose no threat, and the melee enemies are only dangerous when they manage to get behind you in a few places. For most of the game I was at 90+ health.



Thanks for playing! Yeah you get the very specific vibe I was going for.

If the engine supported some sort of difficulty selection I would have made it harder for sure, but RGM is just too jank.

always comin out swingin' lol another awesome game !

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Truly terrifying.


You found my little eldritch boy! 

TEMPLAAAR! This looks awesome so far.

Thanks for playing! 

an absolute blast for me, you worked your dark medieval ambiance very well, it spooky and really immersive ! Good sound design also !
GG !

Thanks for playing. I love them crusty dungeon vibes. 

It won't let me install it, it says that "build" is undefined. I guess there has to be more than one version of the game, one for Windows, one for Mac, etc.

Can you correct this issue?

My bad I forgot to tick one of the boxes. This should be working now!

Thanks, btw, I wanna buy Pigsaw, but I don´t have Paypal, is there another way I can buy it?

Looking your response :))

I only have PayPal for itch because of tax reasons im afraid. If you can't sort out a PayPal just send me a DM on twitter I will give you a free key. @chrisyabsleydev

Oh, awesome. I'll DM you. :))